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Terms of Service


Social Broadcasting Services are not responsible for Sales or a set quality of leads.

Social Broadcasting Services  does not guarantee your companies conversions or profits.

Social Broadcasting Services  will post for you 24/7 until instructed otherwise. Therefore, DO NOT Post while we are posting for you.

As an affiliate of Social Broadcasting Services  services you are NOT to post your affiliate link in  Facebook groups. We will do that for you.

Your Facebook account must at least be a year old, for Social Broadcasting Services  to successfully post for you.

The Free trial fee of $100 is required for the Group Adding Service of 2000 groups, which you keep no matter what.

Best Picture Size: 1650 × 1275


DO NOT Press “Log out” on your Facebook Account or the Secret Key will expire!

You can turn off your computer or disconnect from the internet,

However, NEVER press “Log out” on your Facebook Account or the Secret Key will expire and you post will fail to post!

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