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  1. Do you post on my account or another Facebook account?  Social Broadcasting Services, post using your account, so you can follow up with the leads personally.

  2. How many groups do you post in daily on our behalf? Social Broadcasting Services post in approximately 180 groups a day.

  3. How long will it post? Social Broadcasting Services will post your adds 24/7, 365 days a year.

  4. Can you post in New Facebook accounts? NO, the accounts must be at least a year old and preferable posted in groups before.

  5. Will my Facebook Account be banned? NO, as long as you follow the proper guidelines stated in question #3

  6. Will my submitted link get banned on Facebook? NO, your link will never get banned on Facebook, no matter how often Marketing Master Services  post it. Furthermore, if your link has already been flagged on Facebook, Social Broadcasting Services  ensures that it will not be once posted.

  7. Do you supply the adds and pictures to post? NO, we prefer the customer provides the adds and pictures as they know their business.

  8. What is the best picture size for posting? Please submit picture add at 1650 × 1275

  9. Do you guarantee sales? NO, Social Broadcasting Services does not guarantee sales, Social Broadcasting Services  Post the adds submitted and it is up to the customer to convert the resulting leads to sales.

  10. Do you provide some kind of tracking of clicks for your posting? YES, we provide tracking upon request in the form of screen shots.

  11. Do you provide an affiliate program, if so how much is the commissions? YES, Social Broadcasting Services provides a FREE affiliate program. Please visit the tab name ” Affiliate Sign up” for details. It provides its affiliate with 25% percent commission RESIDUAL, recurring, EVERY MONTH for each one of your paying customers.

  12. Will Affiliates be able to track their progress? YES, when an affiliate signs up they will be given their own back office and their affiliate link. Their affiliate links clicks are tracked and earnings are all displayed in real time.

  13. Will you add me to the marketing groups or do I join them myself? Social Broadcasting Services will add you to the groups, we do all that for you and that is included in our posting service.

  14. Does your Posting Service support all operating systems? Social Broadcasting Services is not operating system dependent. Weather the customer has Mac, or Windows it only needs to support a chrome browser that supports extensions.

  15. How do I get my “Facebook URL”? Copy the text in the upper address when you are on your front Facebook profile.

  16. Can you still instant message on Facebook? Yes

  17. Can I post while you are posting? NO, while Social Broadcasting Services is posting on your behalf, timing of the post are strictly monitored and thus ensures that your Facebook account remains in good standing. However, you can inform Social Broadcasting Services that you would like your campaigns put on hold if that is what you desire.

  18. Do you have restrictions of what content you will post for us? YesSocial Broadcasting Services will NOT, under any circumstances, post any obscene, belittling, or adult content of any nature.

  19. Will you be able to switch out my link or add when desired? Yes, this is included in Social Broadcasting Services.

  20. How many groups are you posting in daily? Social Broadcasting Services is posting between 140 and 180 groups a day..

  21. How can I follow your posting to my groups? Good question, go to notifications under your profile and you will see the posting Social Broadcasting Services is doing for you in your groups.

  22. What happens if Facebook changes and your program runs into issues? Social Broadcasting Services will put all  your subscriptions on hold until the issue is resolved.

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